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Video:  Dr. Todd Ponsky talks through the basics of the new app

Forget about watching an entire event to find your content, our content is now curated and our physician team distills the most relevant content from our events and other sources so you don’t have to. You can now spend more time learning and less time skimming and searching. Your time is precious. We do not want to waste any of it.

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The new state current tap is richer in multimedia and functionality. When the user opens the app they now have access to thousands of videos within the curated library. They also have access to all the podcasts as well. When opening up a podcast, they can actually choose a topic and listen to just that topic within the podcast or they can listen the whole way through. They also have access to the entire transcript of the podcast. they can search within the transcript for anything they wanted to read they can also search a particular topic within the library here's a search lobectomy and they can see videos and podcasts within the search results they can also manage their channels and choose to receive information about only the topics are interested in they will also receive email updates about new topics they can also join the discussion to talk about the content or keep a list of their favorite content