Pediatric Surgery

Approach and component separation for suture closure and underlay mesh reinforcement of giant omphaloceles: Pediatric Surgery Difficult Cases-Innovative Solutions 2013

July 07, 2017
During the Pediatric Surgery Tricks of the Trade and Difficult Cases: Innovative Solutions to Common Problems Course in 2013, directors Drs Todd Ponsky, Robert Parry, and Jacob Langer, along with faculty including Drs David van der Zee, Suad Abul, Cathy Burnweit, Jose Prince, Sherif Emil, Geoffrey Blair, Atsuyuki Yamataka discuss innovative approaches to difficult cases.

During this segment, these leaders discuss presentation of omphalocele, separation of components and closure of the abdominal wall presented by Dr. Cristobal Abello Munarriz. The topics discussed include incision placement, component separation, patch closure, ideal time to operate, early versus delayed closure, and the duodenum technique.

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