#APSA 50: Robert E. Gross Debate

July 05, 2019
The 50th APSA meeting featured a debate moderated by Dr. Jacob Langer from The Hospital for Sick Children. The topic debated was:
"Be it resolved that I would NOT encourage my daughter or son to become a pediatric surgeon."

Representing the side supporting this statement were Dr. Cathy Burnweit from Nicklaus Children's Hospital and Dr. Daniel Ostlie from Phoenix Children's Hospital. Representing the side against this statement were Dr. Andrea Hayes-Jordan from North Carolina Children's Hospital and Dr. Douglas Barnhart from Primary Children's Hospital.

Intro and outro tracks are adapted from "I dunno" by grapes, featuring J Lang, Morusque.
Artist URL: ccmixter.org/files/grapes/16626


  • Introduction (00:00)
  • Dr. Langer's Preface (00:36)
  • Dr. Burnweit's Opening Argument (Pro) (03:25)
  • Dr. Hayes-Jordan’s Opening Argument (Con) (08:39)
  • Dr. Ostlie's Continued Argument (Pro) (13:25)
  • Dr. Barnhart’s Continued Argument (Con) (18:32)
  • Dr. Ostlie’s Rebuttal (Pro) (24:19)
  • Dr. Hayes-Jordan’s Rebuttal (Con) (28:02)
  • What are your thoughts about the effect of having more women in the specialty? (32:03)
  • How can we change APSA to make it more effective? (37:12)
  • What are your thoughts on the huge number of unanswered questions in pediatric surgery? (46:34)
  • Dr. Barnhart’s Closing Arguments (Con) (48:53)
  • Dr. Ostlie’s Closing Arguments (Pro) (52:52)
  • Dr. Hayes-Jordan’s Closing Arguments (Con) (54:39)
  • Dr. Burnweit’s Closing Arguments (Pro) (56:06)
  • Conclusion (58:47)