#APSA50: Social Determinants of Health

June 05, 2019
This episode is the first in our #APSA50 series, where we teamed up with the Behind the Knife Podcast to cover the 50th Anniversary Meeting of the American Pediatric Surgical Association. It is a conversation between Alex Casar, Alex Gibbons, Rae Hanke, and our invited guest.

It presents an interactive discussion and thoughtful reflection on the topic of Social Determinants of Health, which was a cornerstone of this year's meeting.

Social determinants of health refer to factors like economic stability, housing, transportation, physical and psychological safety, zip code and geography, literacy and education, hunger, poverty, community support and engagement, discrimination, stress, and linguistic and cultural competencies from providers that affect healthcare outcomes like quality of care, mortality, morbidity, life expectancy, and even healthcare costs.

We had the opportunity to interview Adam Foss --a lawyer, former District Attorney, and founder of Prosecutor Impact, a nonprofit organization improving community safety in the United States through culture change in the criminal justice system.

We hope you feel as simultaneously uncomfortable and enlightened by his message as the audience did in person.

Our role as pediatric surgeons extends way further than the walls of our operating rooms. It is our responsibility as medical providers and community leaders to identify areas of opportunity within our reach and tackle them to improve healthcare outcomes.

Join the conversation and share with us the steps you are taking to alleviate these disparities. Remember that your actions and commitment are contagious.

Stay tuned for more updates from APSA 2019.

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