Pediatric Surgery

Cloaca - Prental Imaging & Diagnosis - Counseling

November 08, 2018
Dr. Todd Ponsky introduces the event. Dr. Belinda Hsi Dickie, surgical director of hemangioma and vascular malformations center at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, introduces the panel guests and begins the event with a discussion on cloaca and other complex malformations. Topics covered during the presentation include cloaca management involving prenatal imaging, newborn management, definitive repair, gynecologic conversions, urologic concerns, and bowel management. Dr. Maria A. Calvo-Garcia, Pediatric radiologist at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, presents on prenatal imaging diagnosis of anorectal malformations. Additional topics include prenatal imaging techniques of ultrasound and fetal MRI, ultrasound imaging targets for anorectal malformations including evaluation of umbilical arteries,abnormal bladder/bowel content, and external genitalia, ultra sound limitations, fetal MRI for GI tract appearance analysis,and large bowel assessment. Dr. Calvo-Garcia presents a case of a 22 week female fetus with abnormal ultrasound findings of megacystis, bilateral hydronephrosis, severe oligohydramnios, bilateral clubfoot, and a 2v cord with MRI images showing fluid due to an amnioinfusion. GI findings were consistent with a cloacal malformation. Dr. Calvo-Garcia's presentation was followed by a panel discussion of the topics discussed. 

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