Pediatric Surgery

Cloaca - Workup & Evaluation

November 08, 2018
Dr. Manish N Patel, pediatric interventional radiologist and an associate professor of radiology , presents on complex cloacal malformations and uses of rotational Fluoroscopy and 3-D reconstruction. Dr. Patel covers topics on 3D rotational fluoroscopy as the technology used for imaging of overlapping structures, traditional fluoroscopy, rotational fluoroscopy and it's clinical utility. Panel discussion follows the presentation with discussion on initial gynecology and urology tests preformed on a newborn with a cloaca, three functional aspects to address cloacas including bowel/colorectal, gynecologic, and urologic, done prenatally and postnatally, and  decompressing the GI tract followed by an endoscopy to define the anatomy for the cloacagram once the baby gets bigger. 

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