COVID-19 Updates for the PCP #10

December 11, 2020
Watch this short webinar for updates on the latest COVID-19 information about the greater Cincinnati community. Cincinnati Children’s faculty answered submitted questions throughout the event.

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  • Outpatient Testing/Quarantine/Isolation Algorithm Updates
  • Community/Operations Updates
  • Testing Updates
  • Emerging Outpatient Therapy with Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Differentiation and Treatment of MIS-C v. KD
  • Vaccine Updates
  • Q&A


  • COVID-19 Updates for the PCP #10 (00:00)
  • Welcome and introductions (00:05)
  • Community / Operations Updates (01:36)
  • Testing Updates (05:34)
  • What diagnosis would we use for COVID testing these patients with no known exposure or no symptoms (10:19)
  • Emerging Treatments (11:16)
  • Do you anticipate more demand on testing with the new CDC guidelines to shorten quarantine times with a negative test? (25:54)
  • Is there an ideal day after onset of symptoms to test for COVID? Is testing on the first day of sx potentially too early creating false negatives? (27:48)
  • How many community, otherwise healthy children, have been admitted for primary Covid disease? Any ICU? (28:21)
  • Differentiation and Treatment of MIS-C v. KD (30:50)
  • Vaccine Updates (42:16)
  • Are you still recruiting for vaccine trials and what ages? (49:04)
  • J&J's vaccine using adenovirus vector - what if you have antibodies to adenovirus, will the vaccine still be effective? (49:24)