Pediatric Surgery

Descending Colostomy for Anorectal Malformations Dr. Tamer Ashraf Wafa

May 07, 2021
In this video, a creation of a descending colostomy is demonstrated in a newborn with ano-rectal malformation.The video shows the surgeon's point of view (POV). And the surgeon is standing on the patient’s left side.

This video is intended as an education material ans should not replace formal surgical training.

In this procedure, the operative steps are played in normal speed while some of the steps is played in faster speed for illustration purpose.The original video is one hour and 55 minutes.
Surgical steps a described in the subtitles during the video. This is an educational video designed for junior pediatric surgeons in training.

Tamer Ashraf Wafa PhD, MRCS
Assists Professor, Pediatric Surgery Department

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