Pediatric Surgery

Fetal urological aspect: Fetal Genitourinary Disease 2015

July 02, 2017
Dr. Pramod Reddy discusses fetal cystoscopy, including fetal intervention and risks, urinary tract obstructions, open intervention versus fetoscopic intervention, the risks of shunt usage for renal functions, normal fetal fluid pressure range. Dr. Greg Ryan presents on fetal cystoscopy, including advantages and effectiveness of fetal cystocopy, fetal cystoscopy and laser ablation of posterior urethral valve (PUV), shunting for lower urinary tract obstruction and complications and risks of a urinary tract fistula. Following Dr. Ryan's discussion a case was presented to the panel involving fetal cystoscopy and transurethral catheterization for posterior urethral valve. Discussion following the case presentation includes renal function maintenance, bladder taps, maternal laparotomy, twin-twin transfusion syndrome, anesthetic risk, urethral atresia diagnosis, and pulmonary hypoplasia. Dr. Reddy presents on open fetal intervention, open fetal vesicostomies and laparotomy. Dr. Mark P. Johnson, discusses long term outcomes of bladder function when using multidiscipline approaches.

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