Pediatric Surgery

Focus on Technique- Laparoscopic Pediatric Hernia Repair 2015

March 05, 2014
Dr. Todd Ponsky introduces the event focusing on Laparoscopic Pediatric Hernia Repair. Recently, the non-mesh laparoscopic pediatric hernia repair in children and adolescents has gained immense popularity. This event, "Focus on Technique: Laparoscopic Pediatric Hernia Repair",  is designed to provide practicing surgeons what they need to know in order to perform this procedure on their own and will focus on the fine points of the technique. We will present many of the different options available for the non-mesh lap hernia repair and then focus on the specific steps of the lap-assisted, percutaneous technique as described by Darius Patkowski,  evidence-based discussions, review of edited surgical videos, and discussion of surgical tips and tricks. Some important topics covered in this video include discussion of the traditional open high ligation hernia repair, the laparoscopic approach, incarceration, recurrence after open repair of indirect hernia, recurrence rate of lap inguinal hernias, infertility risks, various laparoscopic techniques, Ck Yeung approach, subcutaneous endoscopically assisted ligation, Patkowski's surgical technique, laparoscopic pediatric inguinal hernia repair, adolescent cases, and laparoscopic approach advantages. 

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