Pediatric Surgery

Intussusception - Soft Tissue Abscess - Pilonidal Cyst - Bleeding Meckel's Diverticulum

November 09, 2018
Dr. Nicholas Bruns gives a presentation on intussusception, soft tissue abscess, pilonidal cyst, bleeding Meckel's Diverticulum. His presentation generates discussion on reduced ileocolic intussusception and an appendectomy, age cutoff for a pathologic leadpoint, incision and drainage of an abscess of the diaper region, and post procedural admission of a nontoxic patient. Dr. Ian Glenn gives a presentation on pilonidal cysts. Dr. Glenn's demonstration includes topics on definitive treatment for pilonidal cyst disease, factors altering management of chronic pilonidal cyst, surgical approaches for treatment of chronic or recurrent pilonidal cyst, skin closure following excision of pilonidal cyst, laser hair removal for management of pilonidal cyst, and diagnostic laparoscopy. 

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