IPEG 2020 TOP ABSTRACT: Thoracoscopic lingulectomy for a Prenatally diagnosed CPAM in a 3 month old infant

October 28, 2020
Steven Rothenberg, MD
#thoracoscopy #children's lung surgery #lobectomy

Steven Rothenberg, MD; Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

This video demonstrates the technique for an anatomic segmental resection of the lingula in a 4 kg 3 month old infant. A CPAM was diagnosed on prenatal ultrasound at 26 weeks and measured 2.2x2.8x3.5 cm. Repeat US at 36 weeks showed the size to be 3.9x2.6x3.8. The baby was delivered at 36 weeks and was asymptomatic. A CT scan at 3 months of age showed a CPAM that appeared to be limited to the lingula. The infant was taken to the OR and a anatomic lingulectomy was planned using 3 ports (4,3,5mm). An anatomic segmental resection was performed. The surgery took 90 minutes and a chest drain was left overnight and removed the following morning. The infant was discharged on the second post-operative day without complication. Anatomic segmentectomy is feasible and safe and may be appropriate in some cases of CPAM as a lung sparing alternative.

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