IPEG 2020 TOP ABSTRACT: Thoracoscopic Division of a Double Aortic Arch Vascular Ring Anomaly

November 04, 2020
Claire Gerall, MD
Instagram: @claireg_2

Claire Gerall, MD1; Jennifer DeFazio, MD1; Vincent Duron, MD1; Steven Rothenberg, MD2; 1Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital/Columbia University Irving Medical Center; 2Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children

This video demonstrates that division of a vascular ring involving large caliber vessels can safely and effectively be accomplished with thoracoscopy and division using a 5mm stapler. Our patient is a 43-day old male with a vascular ring comprised of a right side dominant double aortic arch. A 4mm camera port was placed in the 5th intercostal space posterior to the tip of the scapula and two 3mm working ports placed in the 7th intercostal space in the posterior axillary line and 3rd intercostal space inferior to the axilla. The left sided ductus arteriosus and recurrent laryngeal nerve were identified. The ductus arteriosus was clamped with stability of vitals prior to transection. The left aortic arch was dissected and the atretic segment clamped without change in vitals. The posterior port was upsized and the left aortic arch was transected using a 5mm stapler, releasing the vascular ring without any complications.

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