IPEG 2020 Top Abstract: Laparoscopic Ligation of Duplicated Urethra & Excision of Urachal Remnant in an Infant Male

August 26, 2020
Presenter: Kristen M Meier, MD
Email: kristen.meier@beaumont.org

Authors: Kristen M Meier, MD; Nathan M Novotny, MD; Brian D Odom, MD; Donald P Gibson, MD; Zachary J Liss, MD; Beaumont Health

A 2-month-old male presented to the emergency department with a febrile urinary tract infection. Workup revealed multiple urologic pathologies including a complete urethral duplication, a urachal cyst and solitary kidney with vesicoureteral reflux. At 3 months of age, he was taken to the operating room for a novel and minimally invasive treatment of his extremely rare condition involving laparoscopic ligation of the accessory duplicated urethra and removal of his urachal remnant.

First cystoscopy was completed and a sensor wire advanced into the bladder through the accessory urethra. The remainder of the case was completed laparoscopically, first removing the urachal remnant, taking down the bladder and dissecting off the accessory duplicated urethra. The accessory urethra was transected and the stump ligated. Follow up showed successful removal of both entities. He is doing well with plans for future removal of the penile aspect of his duplicated urethra.