IPEG 2020 Top Abstract: Robotic excision of type IV choledochal cyst with hepaticoduodenostomy

August 26, 2020
Presenter: Sarah Khalil, MD
Email: theleanone@msn.com

Authors: Sarah Khalil, MD1; Kyra Folkert, MD1; Michael J Leinwand, MD, FACS, FAAP2; 1Western Michigan University Homer Stryker M.D. School of Medicine; 2Bronson Children's Hospital

We present our video of a robotic choledochal cyst excision with choledochoduodenostomy reconstruction. This is an excellent example of the benefits of robotic surgery with its superior visualization and articulating instruments facilitating a complex dissection and anastomosis. The patient is an 8 year-old girl who presented with right upper quadrant pain and weight loss and was found on ultrasound and MRCP to have a type IV choledochal cyst. She did well postoperatively without any complications. A brief review of the relevant literature is also included. As compared to hepaticojejunostomy, hepaticoduodenostomy for reconstruction after excision of type IV choledochal cyst is well supported in the literature. It has been shown to have shorter operative times, a lower risk of postoperative bile leak, and decreased fat malabsorption, without an increased risk of cholangitis.

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