IPEG 2020 TOP ABSTRACT: Robotic excision of redundant rectal pouch in HSCR after Duhamel procedure

October 07, 2020
Presenter: Alessio Pini Prato, MD

Alessio Pini Prato, MD; Rossella Arnoldi, MD; Claudio Carlini, MD; Paolo Nozza, MD; Luigi Montagnini, MD; Umberto Bosio Center for Digestive Diseases, The Children Hospital, AO SS Antonio e Biagio e Cesare Arrigo, Alessandria, Italy, EU

A male patient with Hirschsprung disease underwent a Duhamel procedure when he was 5 months of age. Postoperatively, he developed increasing obstructive symptoms, soiling, and painful passage of stools. When he was 5 year-old, he underwent examination under anaesthesia, barium enema and lower endoscopy that showed a redundant rectal pouch. Rectal suction biopsies ruled out residual disease. He was therefore scheduled for redundant rectal pouch excision. The procedure was performed with a DaVinci Si robotic system and was carried out without intraoperative complications. The whole procedure lasted a total of 260 minutes including 60 minutes laparoscopic division of peritoneal adhesions and a further 30 minutes of docking time. Postoperative course was uneventful. The child was discharged on postoperative day 7. Symptoms improved and progressively settled. The child is now fine, back to normal continence with no more episodes of soiling nor pain and an overall normal quality of life.

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