IPEG 2020 TOP ABSTRACT: Single incision laparoscopic heminephroureterectomy for reno-ureteral duplication in children

July 15, 2020
Presenter: Tran N Son, PhD
Email: drtranson@yahoo.com
Social Media: Son Tran (facebook) | Son TN (Viber)

Authors: Tran N Son, PhD; Nguyen H Van, Dr; Hoang V Bao, Dr; Tran V Quyet, Dr; Saint Paul Hospital, Hanoi, Vietnam

We present our single incision laparoscopic surgery SILS technique for hemi-nephro-ureterectomy for reno-ureteral duplication. An 8 month-old girl was admitted to our center for urinary dripping and infection. Imaging studies showed a nonfunctional upper moiety of left reno-ureteral duplication. Our SILS procedure began with a modified Z-shaped 15mm umbilical skin incision. Two 5.5mm trocars and one 3.5mm trocar were placed at different points in the same skin incision site. Left upper hemi-nephro-ureterectomy was performed with conventional straight laparoscopic instruments. The operative duration was 120 minutes. There was no significant blood loss, no intra- or post-operative complication. The patient resumed oral feeding on the 1st POD and was discharged on POD 3. At a follow up of 12 months, she was asymptomatic and had no visible operative scar. The same technique was used in two other children for left and right upper hemi-nephro-ureterectomy with good outcomes and excellent postoperative cosmesis.

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