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JPS Reviews

JPS Review Pneumomediastinum

1,799 views July 20, 2016

JPS Article Review: Are esophagrams indicated in pediatric patients with spontaneous...

JPS Reviews

No CXR after Central Line

2,241 views August 31, 2016

Dalton et al conclude that Routine CXR is not necessary after central line placement unless...

JPS Reviews

Mucous Fistula Refeeding in Chihuahua Miguel...

2,598 views September 12, 2016

Miguel Guelfand presents an article showing Mucous Fistula refeeding leads to less days on TPN.

JPS Reviews

Pediatric trauma centers use less imaging than...

4,136 views September 30, 2016

Dr Richard Falcone does a JPS 2 minute review of an article by Walther, et al showing that...

JPS Reviews

Stuck Mediport

195 views November 07, 2016

How to deal with a stuck mediport or central line

JPS Reviews

Secondary signs may improve US accuracy for...

4,033 views November 20, 2016

Dr Ben Tabak presents an article from JPS that suggests that secondary US signs may improve...

JPS Reviews

Gargollo JPS Inguinal Orchidopexy

193 views September 15, 2016

Patricio Gargollo, MD, pediatric urologist from Mayo Clinic presents an article from JPS on the...