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JPS Reviews

Retained Central Venous Catheter Teaser

251 views November 07, 2016

Teaser for how to deal with a stuck Mediport or central line

JPS Reviews

Secondary Signs for Ultrasound Diagnosis of...

4,094 views November 20, 2016

Dr Ben Tabak presents an article from JPS that suggests that secondary US signs may improve...

JPS Reviews

Esophagogastric Dissociation for GERD in Severe...

405 views October 15, 2016

Dr. Ian Glenn and Dr. Todd Ponsky discuss an article comparing esophagogatric dissociation and...

JPS Reviews

Inguinal Orchidopexy

322 views September 15, 2016

Patricio Gargollo, MD, pediatric urologist from Mayo Clinic presents an article from JPS on the...