OTC Videos

89 views July 08, 2019

Dr. Julie M. Sroga-Rios explains the OTC process at Cincinnati Children's Hospital


Role of Research and Data Management on Quality...

83 views April 03, 2019

Brycen Ferrara, BS, CRC II, and Tara Schafer-Kalkhoff, MA, CRC IV, discuss the role of the...


Updates, Cases, and Perspectives on Male and...

77 views April 04, 2019

Andrew Strine, MD, discusses Fertility preservation in pediatric and AYA males. Julie Sroga-Rios,...


Funding a Fertility Preservation Program

75 views April 04, 2019

Scott Byington, Senior Business Director of Gynecology, and Lesley Breech, MD, Director -...


Building an Oncofertility Program Full Panel Q&A

94 views April 04, 2019

Olivia Jaworek Frias, MSN, RN III, CNL; Karen Burns, MD, MS; Julie Sroga-Rios, MD; Andrew Strine,...


Importance of the Oncologist and Fertility...

53 views April 08, 2019

Karen Burns, MD, MS, reviews the Importance of the Oncologist within the Fertility Care and...


Oncofertility Program History and Overview

86 views April 08, 2019

Karen Burns, MD, MS, provides a brief history and overview of the Cincinnati Children's...

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