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Original Videos

Contemporary Management Of Appendicitis

698 views March 03, 2016

Dr. Whit Holcomb presents common scenarios of appendicitis. Topics of discussion include...

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Tricks - Laparoscopic Epigastric Herniorrhaphy

566 views March 03, 2016

This segment displays a presentation of laparoscopic epigastric herniorrhaphy, followed by a...

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Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

271 views March 03, 2016

Dr. Timothy Kane, chief of general and thoracic surgery at Children's National Medical Center,...

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Tricks - Omphalocele - Approach & Component...

503 views March 03, 2016

This segment displays a presentation of omphalocele, separation of components and closure of the...

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Necrotizing Enterocolitis

480 views March 03, 2016

Dr. Jose Prince discusses necrotizing enterocolitis. His presentation includes management...

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Tricks - Supine Positioning For Bilateral VATS

151 views March 03, 2016

Dr. Nick Bruns gives a presentation of a clinical case of supine positioning for bilateral...

Original Videos

Abdominal Wall Defects

564 views March 03, 2016

Dr. Jacob Langer discusses various abdominal wall defects through case presentation.Topics of...

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Tricks - Indwelling Balloon Catheter For...

215 views March 03, 2016

David van der Zee discusses indwelling esophageal balloon catheter for benign esophageal stenosis...

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Tricks - Appendix Removal Using An Endoloop...

629 views March 03, 2016

This segment discusses removal of the appendix techniques along with surgical video...

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Hirschprung's Disease - Daniel von Allmen

296 views March 03, 2016

Daniel von Allmen discusses various case presentations involving hirschprung's disease patients....

Original Videos

Congenital Cystic Lung Lesions: Update Course 2014

273 views March 03, 2016

Dr. Steve Rothenberg, Chief of Pediatric Surgery at Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children, Denver,...

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