Pediatric Surgery

Pectus - Patient and Family Education

November 08, 2018
Staci Loer-Fisher, intensive care unit nurse at Cincinnati children's hospital, presents on patient and family education. Staci Loer-Fisher describes the significance of having an integrative care team for pain management. The integrative care team provides massage therapy and healing touch intervention treatments for pectus patients, as well as mindfulness and meditation therapy. Jamie Joosten, physical therapist at Cincinnati Children's hospital, discusses the role of physical and occupational therapy in pectus patients. Nurse practitioners, Emily J. McKenna and Christina A. Bates, discuss a preoperative education class provided for pectus patients to go over expectations of surgery and recovery. Emily and Christina also explain the SSI bundle for infection prevention. Dr. Neilson discusses pain management in patients with Ehlers Danlos syndrome, skeletal and autonomic disfunction in these patients, the protocol for dysautonomia, and the benefits of increased exercise.