Pediatric Surgery

Pectus - Preoperative Assessment - Radiology and Cardiac Evaluation

November 08, 2018
Dr. Todd Ponsky introduces the chair of the event, Dr. Victor F. Garcia, founding director, trauma services. Dr. Garcia introduces the event panel. Dr. Rebeccah L. Brown starts the even by presenting a case study of a thirteen year old male with pectus excavatum with worsening exercise intolerance. Dr. Eric J. Crotty discusses the MRI and radiology evaluation of this patient. Dr. Crotty explains the advantages of an MRI versus a CT examination in these patients as well as various measurement techniques- haller index, depression index, and correction index to determine the sternum depression and severity of the pectus deformity. Dr. Michael D. Taylor, discusses the importance of obtaining a cardia MRI from pectus deformity patients. Dr. Taylor presents information which a cardiac MRI provides for pectus patients, cardiac evaluation, echocardiogram insufficiency, flow imaging, and imaging showing right ventricular compression by the sternum. Dr. Taylor's demonstration was followed by a panel discussion covering imaging finances, right ventricular function effects by obstruction by the sternum, and the optimal age for a pectus repair. 

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