Pediatric Surgery

Pectus - Surgical Approaches for Failed Repair

November 08, 2018
Dr. Rebeccah L. Brown presents a case of a five year old male with Marfan's disease and pectus excavatum. Dr. Dawn Jaroszewski discusses pectus excavatum revision surgery after a previously failed pectus repair. Dr. Jaroszewski covers topics including pectus excavatum reoccurrence rates, revisions of Nuss repairs (minimally invasive), bar rotations or displacements, lateral stripping, issues with a failed Nuss repair and how to improve success, forced sternal elevation, the usage of multiple bars positioned to balance defect, and fiberWire. Dr. Jaroszewski presents two cases of males who underwent a Nuss repairs and are now experiencing chronic pain. She discuss several more adult repair cases. Dr. Jaroszweski continues to discuss adult repair procedures, forced elevation, hybrid repairs with Nuss support bars and anterior titanium plating, reoccurrence after ravitch or other open pectus excavatum repairs, repairing prior failed open pectus excavatum, forced sternal elevation, malunion, floating sternum, chest wall hernia, and postoperative pain control regimen. 

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