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10_Erin Nicole Kiehna-Minimally Disruptive...

147 views January 23, 2018

Minimally Disruptive Subcortical Neurosurgery in Pediatrics: Concepts of the BrainPath Approachâ„¢...


Bariatric Surgery in the Pediatric Patient

275 views January 15, 2018

An interactive discussion between Dr. Ponsky, Dr. Harmon and Dr. Inge about the role of bariatric...

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Standardized apppendicitis

337 views January 09, 2018

Standardization of care for pediatric perforated appendicitis improves outcomes

Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric Trauma: Community Based Intervention:...

155 views January 02, 2018

The Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center Department of Trauma and The Childress...

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Does glue reduce penile adhesions after...

173 views January 02, 2018

The role of 2-octyl cyanoacrylate in prevention of penile adhesions after circumcision: A...


Pediatric Urology Part I

984 views November 02, 2017

This podcast is a discussion between Dr. Todd Ponsky and Dr. Patricio C. Gargollo who is the...

Pediatric Surgery

Technique: Thoracoscopic Thymectomy

164 views October 22, 2017

Dr. Steve Rothenberg explains the detailed steps of thoracoscopic thymectomy


Top Ten Things to Remember from the 2017 Stay...

304 views October 13, 2017

This recording highlights the things to remember from the recent Stay Current Annual Pediatric...

Pediatric Surgery

Trauma Talk Summary from 2017 Stay Current in...

127 views September 11, 2017

This video summarizes the key, "take-home" points from the Trauma talks.