Pediatric Thoracic

Pediatric Thoracic

Technique: left lower lobectomy for sequestration

67 views July 01, 2017

This course will review the basics of pediatric lung lesions and thoracic vascular anatomy, the...


Lung Lesions (Newborn - CPAM etc)

164 views January 13, 2017

Dr. Steven Rothenberg discusses Newborn Lung Lesions with Dr Todd Ponsky. Edited by Ian C....

How I Do It

How I Do It - Thoracoscopic Left Lower...

2,455 views August 25, 2016

Introducing our new series "HOW I DO IT!" Here is the first video Thoracoscopic Left Lower...

Pediatric Thoracic

Pediatric Trauma: Solid Organ Management

39 views June 12, 2017

Trauma Medical Director, Dr. David M. Notrica, discusses nonoperative management of pediatric...