Pediatric Trauma: Solid Organ Management

December 23, 2015
Trauma Medical Director, Dr. David M. Notrica, discusses nonoperative management of pediatric solid organ management. Dr. Notrica covers various trauma cases, floor vs ICU candidates, risks of Nonoperative management failures and predictors, odds ratio for splenectomy (trauma vs non trauma hospitals, general vs. children's hospital, general vs pediatric surgeon, and adult vs/ pediatric center), and reasons why children may fail. Dr. Notrica's presentation is followed by an interactive discussion with the panel, Dr. Richard Falcone Jr., Dr. Todd Ponsky, Dr. John K. Petty, Lynn Hass, and Dr. David M. Notrica and Dr. David Mooney. Dr. Notrica's presentation was followed by another demonstration by Dr. David Mooney who discussed liver injuries. Dr. David Mooney's presentation included pre hospital care, physical examination discussion, ultrasounds, computerized tomography, CT radiation dosage concerns in children, CT and ultrasound analysis of the spleen, and complications. Dr. Mooney's presentation was also followed by a comprehensive discussion among all symposium members.

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