Live: Percutaneous Approaches for Today's Minimally Invasive Gynec

Teleflex, in coordination with the AAGL and GlobalCastMD, brings world experts and educators together in person as well as virtually to contrast existing technologies for laparoscopy with more recent developments in percutaneous laparoscopic instruments.  We will look at gynecological procedures performed with percutaneous instruments in contrast with today‚Äôs traditional MIS procedures allowing the audience and a global virtual audience to participate in the discussion while discovering the benefits and drawbacks of various techniques. We have assembled a global panel of speakers specializing in various techniques used to accomplish similar tasks including traditional laparoscopists and percutaneous laparoscopy adopters.  Each of the panel will discuss the various advantages and disadvantages of each technique and how they apply to specific procedures in urogynecology, gynecology and reproductive gynecology. 

Percutaneous Approaches for Today's Minimally Invasive Gynec