Pyloric Stenosis

213 views February 11, 2021


History of Pimping

219 views February 08, 2021

In medicine, there's a 4 letter word that we use every day from rounds to the OR: "Pimp". It's...


Colorectal Quiz Episode 3: Hirschprung Disease

342 views February 08, 2021

In the third episode of the Colorectal Quiz series, Dr. Levitt and Dr. Frischer discuss the...


Introducing Jose Campos

140 views February 03, 2021

We can all agree that there are too many scientific publications pushed out by journals every...


Connecticut Children's Women in Surgery Episode...

81 views February 02, 2021

EPISODE 2: SPONSORSHIP VS. MENTORSHIP Dr. Kristan Pierz – Orthopedics...


The History of the PEG

102 views January 27, 2021

One of the most common procedures that surgeons and gastroenterologists perform is a percutaneous...


Colorectal Quiz Episode 2: When to redo a PSARP

339 views January 25, 2021

In the second installment of the Colorectal quiz, Dr. Jason Frischer and Dr. Marc Levitt discuss...


Gastroschisis and sutureless abdominal wall...

511 views January 20, 2021

Dr. Rod Gerardo and Dr. Todd Ponsky talk to Dr. Jason Fraser about the paradigm shift in...


Connecticut Children's Women in Surgery: Episode 1

74 views January 19, 2021

HOST: Lisa Marella, HR Director of Organizational Effectiveness EPISODE 1: IMPOSTER SYNDROME Dr....


The Colorectal Quiz Episode 1: ARM - Low Bulbar...

853 views January 13, 2021

Pediatric colorectal surgeons Dr. Marc Levitt and Dr. Jason Frischer discuss a case of a new born...


tPA, Empyema, and VATS

400 views December 16, 2020

Dr. Rod Gerardo and Dr. Todd Ponsky speak with Dr. Shawn St. Peter as he explains how the...


Acute Appendicitis 2020 Update

759 views December 07, 2020

Dr. Beth Rymeski, Dr. Rod Gerardo, and Dr. Todd Ponsky discuss the recent Midwest Pediatric...

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