ECMO Podcast

463 views October 17, 2019

This episode is a review of pediatric ECMO with Dr. Samir Gadepalli, Dr. Alejandra Casar...


PTS-EAST Traumacast Pediatric Blunt Solid Organ...

910 views October 07, 2019

Guest Podcast on behalf of the Pediatric Trauma Society: So you think you know how to handle...


IPEG 2019: From Virtual Reality and Magnets to...

195 views September 23, 2019

Ponsky fellows Rae Hanke, Alex Casar and Alex Gibbons join forces to bring you highlights from...


Topics in 10: Neuroblastoma

762 views September 08, 2019

Drs Daniel von Allmen, Todd Ponsky and Rae Hanke come together to provide you the essentials on...


#APSA50: Benjy Brooks Panel - The Women of APSA

126 views September 05, 2019

This episode is a panel discussion by members of the Benjy Brooks (Women of APSA) Committee...


#APSA50: Top Educational Content

212 views August 24, 2019

This episode reviews the Top Educational Content sessions from the APSA 50th Anniversary meeting....



1,134 views August 23, 2019

Drs Erika Newman, Dan von Allmen and Tony Sandler join Dr. Todd Ponsky in a discussion covering...


Spontaneous Pneumothorax

732 views July 10, 2019

This podcast is an interactive discussion about the management of spontaneous pneumothorax...


#APSA50: Academic Surgery in 2019

185 views June 07, 2019

Next in our #APSA50 series, comes a thoughtful discussion regarding academic surgery and future...


#APSA 50: Robert E. Gross Debate

242 views July 03, 2019

The 50th APSA meeting featured a debate moderated by Dr. Jacob Langer from The Hospital for Sick...


#APSA50: Artificial Intelligence

146 views June 12, 2019

This episode is the third in our #APSA50 series, where we teamed up with the Behind the Knife...


#APSA50: The Past and The Future

105 views June 06, 2019

This is the next episode in our #APSA50 series, where we teamed up with the Behind the Knife...