STORZ Neuroendoscopy-Repair of Skull Base Defects-Ricardo Carrau, MD

June 06, 2014
Dr. Ricardo Carrau, professor, departments of otolaryngology and neurological surgery, delivers a presentation of endoscopic reconstruction of the skull base. Topics of discussion include reconstruction goals- separating the cranial cavity from UAT, protecting neurovascular structures, and rehabilitation of cosmesis and function. Complications of the reconstructive operation include cerebrospinal fluid leak and tension pneumocephalus. Other subject matters include transnasal-endoscopic repair of CSF rhinorrhea, graft migration, reconstruction of skull base algorithm, nasal-septal flap reconstruction principles, imaging measurements, cranial facial growth, vascularized flaps, persistent or recurrent CSF leak, lateral nasal wall flaps, regional reconstructive flaps, transpterygoid temporoparietal fascia flap, trans-frontal pericardial flap, and free tissue graft healing. 

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