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Pediatric Surgery

Airway and esophageal foreign bodies: Update...

175 views July 06, 2017

During the 3rd Annual Stay Current in Pediatric Surgery Update Course in 2015, Dr. David...

Pediatric Surgery

Thoracoscopic resection of intradiaphragmatic...

257 views March 26, 2019

This video, presented at IPEG 2019 in Santiago, Chile by Alexander Gibbons, demonstrates a...

Bowel Management

Peristeen And Appendicostomy Differences

126 views January 15, 2019

Differences between a peristeen And an Appendicostomy/Malone

Bowel Management

Medications Used With Laxative Trials

52 views January 15, 2019

What medicines are used when a patient is on a laxative trial.

Bowel Management

Enema Flush Scheduling

163 views January 15, 2019

How long does an enema flush normally take and is there a certain time of day that is recommended...

Bowel Management

Peristeen Usage Recommendations

73 views January 15, 2019

Where to use Peristeen and discussion on different Peristeen solutions.

Bowel Management

When a Colon Resection Might Be an Option

60 views January 15, 2019

Discussion on reasons when a colon resection might be an option

Bowel Management

Bowel Management Insurance Coverage

48 views January 15, 2019

What things would insurance might cover when it comes to bowel management?

Bowel Management

MiraLAX And Bowel Irritants

128 views January 15, 2019

When MiraLAX is used with Spina Bifida patients and a brief explanation of bowel irritants.

Bowel Management

Laxative Trials And Spina Bifida Patients

52 views January 15, 2019

What is involved in laxative trials for spina bifida patients and how treatments are decided.

Bowel Management

Cecostomy/Malone's Effect On Long-Term Motility

54 views January 15, 2019

What is the difference between cecostomy and a malone when thinking about long-term motility, and...

Bowel Management

Factoring Lesion Location Into Treatment

49 views January 15, 2019

How lesion location of spina bifida can determine treatment with laxative or enema.