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Bowel Management

Preventing A False Passage In A Mace

94 views January 15, 2019

Difference between a Coude and Straight cap catheter and general tips to help prevent a false...

Bowel Management

Enema Challenges With Spina Bifida

261 views January 15, 2019

Physical challenges of keeping an enema in place with Spina Bifida patients.

Bowel Management

Transitioning From Enemas To Laxatives

28 views January 15, 2019

When and why the best option is enemas or laxatives for someone with spina bifida.

Bowel Management

Device Options For Malones

27 views January 15, 2019

Comparing G-tube and J-tube and best options for Malones

Bowel Management

Aging And Bowel Management Adjustments

32 views January 15, 2019

Discussion of the changes that might need to be made to bowel management do to the patient aging...

Bowel Management

When To Start Bowel Management For Spina Bifida...

49 views January 15, 2019

Detail about when patients with Spina Bifida should begin bowel patient and a brief overview of...

Bowel Management

Appendicostomy Versus Cecostomy

66 views January 15, 2019

Differences between an Appendicostomy and a Cecostomy.

Bowel Management

Difference between Solesta and Botox

77 views January 11, 2019

Brief description of the differences between Solesta and Botox.

Bowel Management

When to use Solesta

55 views January 11, 2019

When and why to use Solesta and could it help patients with spina bifida.

Bowel Management

Options for children with deformed sacrum

37 views January 11, 2019

What medical options are available for children with a deformed sacrum

Bowel Management

Potty training with Hirschsprung's

65 views January 11, 2019

What factors are important in considering when a child with Hirschsprung should begin potty...

Bowel Management

What are anorectal malformations?

190 views January 11, 2019

Anorectal Malformation explained.