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Pediatric Surgery

Error Traps and Culture of Safety in Pediatric Surgical Oncology

304 views September 26, 2019

This video highlights a few key points from the "Error Traps and Culture of Safety in Pediatric...


Topics in 10: Neuroblastoma

257 views September 08, 2019

Drs Daniel von Allmen, Todd Ponsky and Rae Hanke come together to provide you the essentials on...



509 views August 23, 2019

Drs Erika Newman, Dan von Allmen and Tony Sandler join Dr. Todd Ponsky in a discussion covering...

Pediatric Surgery

Neuroblastoma: Update Course 2014

117 views March 03, 2016

Dr. Daniel Von Allmen, director of the division of general and thoracic surgery, cincinnati...



300 views June 06, 2017

Dr. Von Allmen discusses neuroblastoma with some pediatric surgery participants