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Pediatric Surgery

Should We Resect Asymptomatic CPAM Flake vs Langer

334 views May 13, 2019

Great Debate from 2017! Watch Alan Flake and Steve Rothenberg debate Jack Langer and Jean Matin...

Pediatric Surgery

Postnatal Management of Lung Lesions Part III: Pediatric Thoracic Surgery Part 1-Lung Lesions 2012

234 views August 12, 2017

Course directors Drs Alan Flake, Steve Rothenberg and Todd Ponsky, along with additional faculty...

Pediatric Surgery

Leak after Esophageal Atresia Repair / TEF Repair: Discussion of World Experts

358 views June 15, 2017

The top esophageal experts in the world discuss the management of Leak after esophageal atresia /...