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#APSA50: Artificial Intelligence

136 views June 12, 2019

This episode is the third in our #APSA50 series, where we teamed up with the Behind the Knife...


#APSA50: The Past and The Future

89 views June 06, 2019

This is the next episode in our #APSA50 series, where we teamed up with the Behind the Knife...

Pediatric Surgery

Is It Endometriosis?

223 views June 04, 2019

Are we missing endometriosis as a source of abdominal pain in young females? Drs Ceana Nezhat,...

Pediatric Surgery

History of Pediatric Surgery Podcast: Sneak Peak

267 views May 17, 2019

Flashback Friday: Sneak peek into the History of Pediatric Surgery as told by Drs Nakayama and...


Gallstone Disease

1,792 views May 06, 2019

This podcast is an interactive discussion about gallstone disease between Dr. Todd Ponsky and his...

Pediatric Surgery

Isotonic maintenance fluid: Practice Gap...

369 views August 28, 2018

At the 6th Annual Pediatric Surgery Update Course, Drs Charles Snyder, Craig Lillehei and David...

Original Videos

Overview of Prenatal Diagnosis: Cincinnati...

209 views March 02, 2016

Dr. Mark P. Johnson, research chair in fetal therapy, discusses an overview of prenatal diagnosis...

Original Videos

Fetal Diagnostic Imaging: Cincinnati Fetal Center

107 views March 02, 2016

Dr. William Polzin, Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, discusses fetal diagnosis imaging and...

Original Videos

Urologic Fetal Intervention: Cincinnati Fetal...

212 views March 02, 2016

Dr. Pramod Reddy, Division of Pediatric Urology, discusses fetal cystoscopy. Dr. Reddy discusses...

Original Videos

Renal transplantation: Cincinnati Fetal Center

93 views March 02, 2016

Dr. Maria Alonso, Intestinal Transplant Surgeon, presents on renal transplantations. She...

Original Videos

Urologic intervention: Cincinnati Fetal Center

137 views March 02, 2016

This final event discussion is on pediatric urologic intervention. Dr. Pramod P. Reddy, discusses...

JPS Reviews

Retained Central Venous Catheters

1,868 views November 08, 2016

Video literature review regarding management of retained central venous catheter fragments in...

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