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Lymphatic Anomalies

752 views March 26, 2018

This podcast is an interactive discussion about lymphatic malformations between Dr. Todd Ponsky,...


Pediatric Ovarian Tumors Video Podcast

888 views March 05, 2018

An interactive discussion between Dr. Ponsky and Dr. Rescorla about the management of ovarian...


Pediatric Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

990 views August 13, 2018

This podcast is a multidisciplinary discussion on a controversial topic, management of pediatric...


Bariatric Surgery in the Pediatric Patient

469 views January 15, 2018

An interactive discussion between Dr. Ponsky, Dr. Harmon and Dr. Inge about the role of bariatric...



536 views November 17, 2017

This is an interactive discussion between Todd Ponsky, MD and Max Langham, MD on the management...


Pediatric Urology Part I

2,500 views November 02, 2017

This podcast is a discussion between Dr. Todd Ponsky and Dr. Patricio C. Gargollo, the Senior...


Top Ten Things to Remember from the 2017 Stay...

479 views October 13, 2017

This podcast recording highlights the things to remember from the recent Stay Current Annual...


Pediatric Burns

533 views October 04, 2017

This podcast is a discussion between Dr. Todd Ponsky and Dr. Robert L. Sheridan on standard of...


Acute Pancreatitis

385 views July 06, 2017

In this podcast, extracted from GlobalCast presentation, Dr. Maisam A. Abu-El-Haija discusses...


Wilms Tumor: Audio Chapter

633 views June 15, 2017

An interactive discussion about Wilms tumor between Todd Ponsky, MD, Avraham Schlager, and Peter...


Empyema with Dr. Shawn St. Peter

415 views April 15, 2017

Discussion with Dr. Shawn St. Peter and Dr. Todd Ponsky regarding evaluation and management of...


Cloacal Exstrophy with Dr. Alberto Peña

765 views April 14, 2017

Discussion between Dr. Alberto Pena and Dr. Todd Ponsky about cloaca exstrophy