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Bowel Management

Bowel Management's effect on enuresis

37 views January 11, 2019

How constipation or other issues with stool can affect the urinary tract

Bowel Management

Sacral nerve stimulation success rate

48 views January 11, 2019

Discussion on experience with the success of children who have had sacral nerve stimulation therapy

Bowel Management

Anal sphincter tissue regeneration research

37 views January 11, 2019

Has there been much success in research for anal sphincter tissue regeneration?

Bowel Management

Spina Bifida & Enemas

54 views January 11, 2019

What precautions are necessary for enemas for patients with Spina Bfida. Alternative treatments...

Bowel Management

Appendicostomy at what age?

149 views January 10, 2019

How old a child with a deformed sacrem should be to have an Appendicostomy or Malone Procedure...

Bowel Management

Tricks to prevent vomiting after enemas

75 views January 10, 2019

Ways you can possibly keep your child from vomiting after an enema is performed.

Bowel Management

Sacral nerve stimulation restrictions

70 views January 10, 2019

Sacral nerve stimulation explanation for when it is used and why.

Bowel Management

Maximum volume used for enemas

121 views January 10, 2019

In comparison to the size of the colon what is the volume of the enema and what is your average?

Bowel Management

Bowel Management Program Treatments

53 views January 10, 2019

An overview of some of the treatments used to treat patients with bowel management.

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Bowel Management Updates & Innovations with...

266 views April 27, 2018

Cincinnati Children's Colorectal Center presents a one-hour overview on updates and new...