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How I Do It

Thoracoscopic Aortopexy by, Dr. Carlos García...

457 views May 07, 2019

This is a wonderful video of Dr. Carlos García Hernández in which he demonstrates the...

Pediatric Thoracic

Technique - Left Lower Lobectomy for Sequestration

777 views March 03, 2016

Thoracoscopic Left Lower Lobectomy for Sequestration

Pediatric Surgery

Thoracoscopic TEF Repair, Is It Really Better...

169 views August 28, 2018

At the 6th Annual Pediatric Surgery Update Course, Dr. Alexander Gibbons discusses the history of...

Pediatric Thoracic

Technique: Blinded Left Upper Lobectomy

548 views March 03, 2016

Dr. Steven Rothenberg performs a thoracoscopic blinded left upper lobectomy for a...