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Pediatric Trauma II: Solid Organ Injury

83 views May 22, 2018

This podcast is an interactive discussion about solid organ injury between Dr. Todd Ponsky, Dr....


Pediatric Ovarian Tumors Video Podcast

718 views March 05, 2018

An interactive discussion between Dr. Ponsky and Dr. Rescorla about the management of ovarian...

Pediatric Surgery

Tricks - Laparoscopic Epigastric Herniorrhaphy

49 views March 03, 2016

This segment displays a presentation of laparoscopic epigastric herniorrhaphy, followed by a...

Pediatric Surgery

Tricks - Supine Positioning For Bilateral VATS

42 views March 03, 2016

Dr. Nick Bruns gives a presentation of a clinical case of supine positioning for bilateral...

Pediatric Surgery

Tricks - Laparoscopic Hernia With Peritoneal...

46 views March 03, 2016

Dr. Todd Ponsky gives a presentation on laparoscopic hernias with peritoneal injury.

Pediatric Surgery

Groin Controversies - Todd Ponsky: Update...

65 views March 03, 2016

Dr. Todd Ponsky presents various cases involving groin hernia repairs. Topics discussed include...

Pediatric Surgery

True vs. Pseudo Fecal Incontinence: Pediatric...

69 views March 03, 2016

Join our symposia directors Andrea Bischoff, Alberto Peña and Todd Ponsky for this live video...

Pediatric Surgery

Cloaca - Urologic Concerns

95 views March 03, 2016

Dr. Brian A. VanderBrink, Urologist and an Assistant Professor at UC Department of Pediatrics,...

Pediatric Surgery

Cloaca - Prental Imaging & Diagnosis - Counseling

243 views March 03, 2016

Dr. Todd Ponsky introduces the event. Dr. Belinda Hsi Dickie, surgical director of hemangioma and...

Pediatric Surgery

Cloaca - Workup & Evaluation

120 views March 03, 2016

Dr. Manish N Patel, pediatric interventional radiologist and an associate professor of radiology...

Pediatric Surgery

Cloaca - Case Presentations

147 views March 03, 2016

Dr. Belinda His Dickie, surgical director of the Hemangioma and Vascular Malformations Center,...

Pediatric Surgery

Cloaca - Surgical Management & Follow Up

144 views March 03, 2016

Dr. Shumyle Alam, specialist in pediatric pelvic and urogenital reconstruction, presents on...