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Pediatric Trauma II: Solid Organ Injury

249 views May 22, 2018

This podcast is an interactive discussion about solid organ injury between Dr. Todd Ponsky, Dr....

Pediatric Surgery

JPS Journal Club: July 2019 Part 1

99 views August 05, 2019

The first of three videos discussing the trauma-heavy July issue of the Journal of Pediatric...

Pediatric Surgery

VTE PPX in High Risk Trauma Patients: 2018...

80 views June 21, 2019

Drs Todd Ponsky, Alex Casar, Alex Gibbons and Rae Hanke review Practice Gap #7 from 2018, as...

Bowel Management

Difference between Solesta and Botox

75 views January 11, 2019

Brief description of the differences between Solesta and Botox.

Bowel Management

When to use Solesta

54 views January 11, 2019

When and why to use Solesta and could it help patients with spina bifida.

Bowel Management

Options for children with deformed sacrum

36 views January 11, 2019

What medical options are available for children with a deformed sacrum

Bowel Management

Potty training with Hirschsprung's

62 views January 11, 2019

What factors are important in considering when a child with Hirschsprung should begin potty...

Bowel Management

Long-term effects of bowel medicine

59 views January 11, 2019

A brief overview of different medicines used for bowel management and their possible downsides.

Bowel Management

Colostomy & Constipation

48 views January 11, 2019

Can a patient after a colostomy still have constipation?

Bowel Management

Long term effects of laxatives

41 views January 11, 2019

Experience with patients that have been using laxatives for long periods of time and what effects...

Bowel Management

Success rates of resections & cecostomy

41 views January 10, 2019

The planning that goes into deciding what treatment a patient might need and the methods used...

Bowel Management

Expectations after partial colon removal

163 views January 10, 2019

How to help a patient after part of their colon is removed.