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The Pancreas Care Center Cincinnati Children's

October 26, 2020
Claudia Butterfield’s severe stomach pains started when she was just a toddler. Her doctors over the years dismissed her symptoms as stomach viruses or food intolerance. It wasn’t until she was in fourth grade that medical tests revealed what had been causing her stomach aches and vomiting. Pancreatitis is uncommon in kids. It’s a life-threatening condition that happens when the pancreas – the gland behind the stomach that helps with digestion – becomes inflamed. The episodes can last for a few days or keep coming back. Once her family found the Pancreas Care Center at Cincinnati Children’s, they learned how to cope with Claudia’s condition. Chronic attacks of pancreatitis also made Quinton Whitson a frequent visitor at the center. At 16, Quinton has gone from being paralyzed by pain to being able to play sports again. Cincinnati Children’s has one of the only dedicated pediatric pancreas care centers in the country and offers an extensive team of specialists to help with rapid diagnosis and the most advanced treatments. The Pancreas Care Center team, led by pediatric gastroenterologists and surgeons, includes physicians specializing in pain management, endocrinology and radiology. They work closely with the center’s genetics counselor, pain psychologist, nurses, dietitians and social workers to address all aspects of a patient’s care. The team is actively involved in research to better understand the underlying causes of pediatric pancreatic disorders. For Claudia Butterfield, treatment here has taught her to roll with the punches of pancreatitis. She says she’s stronger for it and wants to become a pediatric nurse someday because of her experience.

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