Pediatric Surgery


May 24, 2022
In this session from the 2021 Update Course, Dr. Rebecca Rentea, MD from Children's Mercy at KansasCity and Dr. Caitlin Smith, MD from Seattle Children's reviewed the latest literature including timing of surgery for patients with ARM and the evidence for potentially no longer providing post operative dilations following a PSARP and much more.

Articles discussed: “Are routine postoperative dilations necessary after primary posterior sagittalanorectoplasty? A randomized controlled trial"

“Comparing 30-day outcomes between early versus delayed repair of anorectal malformations withperineal or rectovestibular fistulas: An analysis of the ACS NSQIP-Pediatric database"

“Management and outcomes for long-segment Hirschsprung disease: A systematic review from theAPSA Outcomes and Evidence Based Practice Committee"

“Total Colonic Hirschsprung's Disease: The Hypermotility and Skin Rash Protocol”

“Multi-institutional review of bowel management strategies in children with anorectal malformations"

“Perioperative and long-term functional outcomes of neonatal versus delayed primary endorectal pull-through for children with Hirschsprung disease: A pediatric colorectal and pelvic learning consortium study”

“Measure twice and cut once: Comparing endoscopy and 3D cloacagram for the common channel and urethral measurements in patients with cloacal malformations”

“Diagnosis and management of a remnant of the original fistula (ROOF) in males following surgery for anorectal malformations”

“Cloaca reconstruction: a new algorithm which considers the role of urethral length in determining surgical planning” 

“The use of rotational fluoroscopy and 3-D reconstruction in the diagnosis and surgical planning for complex cloacal malformations"

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