Urologic and Gynecologic Aspects in Anorectal Malformations: Pediatric Colorectal Controversies 2012

Pediatric Surgery
Drs Marc Levitt, Alberto Pena, and Todd Ponsky, Carlo Di Lorenzo, and Karen Diefenbach host a half day symposium highlighting new concepts and controversies in pediatric colorectal anomalies, primarily addressing common day to day controversies that pediatric surgeons face in the treatment of pediatric colorectal problems. 

This session focuses on the basic urologic and gynecologic aspects to anorectal malformations that pediatric surgeons should know. Topics discussed include voiding cystourethrogram (VCUG) and ultrasound evaluation, follow up evaluation for patient with unilateral kidney with reflux, need for/timing of bloodwork, urodynamic studies and ultrasounds, growth evaluation, urogenic bladder, Malone and Mitrofanoff procedure and location, urostomy, cervical stent, 3-dimensional fluoroscopic imaging, cloacal patients with bilateral symmetric system, periodic pelvic ultrasounds at puberty, and evaluation for tubal or outflow obstructions.