Unconscious Bias

March 28, 2019
This episode is an interactive discussion about Unconscious Bias between Dr. Todd Ponsky, Dr. Julie Freischlag, Dr. Mary Brandt, Dr. Quinn Capers IV, Dr. Alejandra (Alex) Casar Berazaluce, Dr. Rachel (Rae) Hanke, and Dr. Alexander Gibbons.

Dr. Julie Freischlag is CEO of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and Dean of Wake Forest School of Medicine. Dr. Mary Brandt is a Professor of Surgery, Pediatrics, and Medical Ethics at Baylor College of Medicine and a Pediatric Surgeon and Director of the Adolescent Bariatric Surgery Program at Texas Children’s Hospital. Dr. Quinn Capers IV is the Associate Dean for Admissions, Associate Professor of Medicine (Cardiovascular Medicine), and Program Director of the Interventional Cardiology Fellowship at The Ohio State University College of Medicine.

Disclaimer:  Due to scheduling conflicts, Dr. Capers' answers were recorded individually and edited to fit the group session.

Music track is adapted from "I dunno" by grapes, featuring J Lang, Morusque.
Artist URL: ccmixter.org/files/grapes/16626


  • Unconscious Bias (00:00)
  • Introduction (01:07)
  • What is unconscious bias? How has it affected your career? (04:05)
  • How does unconscious bias relate to social identity? (17:00)
  • How do you approach a colleague putting together a manel? (21:35)
  • How can we identify talent outside of our immediate group? (23:23)
  • What can we do to counteract implicit bias? (27:42)
  • What are your take home messages about discrimination in medicine? (40:05)
  • How do we use and interpret the results of an Implicit Association Test? (50:10)
  • How do we bring attention to unconscious bias without being labeled as radicals? (51:45)
  • Closing remarks (56:48)

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