Topics in 10: Burn

January 03, 2020
Dr. Pramod Puligandla, Pediatric Surgeon and Intensivist at Montreal Children’s Hospital, joins the Stay Current in Pediatric Surgery team to discuss the essentials on burn resuscitation.

Podcast edited and narrated by Rachel (Rae) Hanke, MD at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

Intro and outro tracks are adapted from "I dunno" by grapes, featuring J Lang, Morusque. Artist URL: ccmixter.org/files/grapes/16626


  • Introduction (00:00)
  • Question break (00:36)
  • Clinical scenario: A 2-year-old with approximately a 25% TBSA second-degree burn (01:16)
  • When should you transfer a patient to a burn center (01:28)
  • Which patients should be considered for an admission? (02:29)
  • What do you do for the patient prior to transfer to a burn center? (03:15)
  • What should you use to guide your fluid resuscitation? (04:11)
  • Presentation and treatment of fluid creep? (06:51)
  • Should you place a Foley catheter? (07:51)
  • Do antibiotic and tetanus play a role in initial resuscitation? (08:23)
  • When should we check carbon monoxide levels? (08:54)
  • Suspected inhalation injury? (09:53)
  • What if the patient desaturates and has no chest rise? (10:34)
  • When do you head to the OR to debride the wounds? (11:16)
  • Clinical Pearls (13:52)

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