Guest Podcast from EAST Traumacast: Pediatric Trauma Society 2019

February 27, 2020
This is a guest podcast and collaboration with the EAST Traumacast, which highlights the Sixth Annual Pediatric Trauma Society Meeting in November 2019.

Dr. Ian Mitchell from Children's Hospital San Antonio, Dr. Alexander Gibbons from Akron Children's Hospital, and Dr. Alejandra Casar Berazaluce from Cincinnati Children's Hospital hosted several interviews to discuss some of the main topics from the meeting.

EAST Traumacast focuses on bringing the leaders of the trauma community together to address upcoming research and its application to the injured patient, education efforts related to trauma, and novel methods in the management of injury. Find more at www.east.org/education/online/traumacasts.


  • Introduction (00:00)
  • Dr. Ian Mitchell and Dr. Britt Christmas discuss thrombolytics, TAG and thromboelastography in children and adults. (01:40)
  • Resources for information for understanding TAG (03:12)
  • Dr. Alex Gibbons and Dr. Adam Vogel coagulopathy, massive transfusion and homeostatic resuscitation. (05:02)
  • Key takeaways for adult trauma surgeon (05:36)
  • Hemodynamics in children vs adults (08:24)
  • Whole blood transfusion (10:00)
  • TEG, rotem and coagulopothy (12:40)
  • Dr. Alex Casar and guests review trauma improvement programs (14:30)
  • Challenges faced and solutions (15:44)
  • Dr. Alex Casar and Dr. Alex Gibbons and guest discuss medical communities role in preventing gun violence (16:30)
  • Importance of asking patients about firearm ownership, storage and the 5 L's (19:00)
  • Firearm prevention education in the community and legislation (24:08)
  • Dr. Ian Mitchell and Captain Christopher Morenko discuss military trauma and the SIPA score (29:54)
  • Benefits of looking at civilian population as well (31:50)
  • Dr. Alex Gibbons and Dr. Cooperman discuss PECARN (Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network) (32:26)
  • CT head scan vs observation in kids with head trauma (34:01)
  • Factors to determine if patients with abdominal trauma would benefit from a CT (41:30)
  • FAST exam for trauma (43:35)
  • Dr. Ian Mitchell and guest discuss BCVI screening (44:05)
  • 64 slice scanners and rural areas (44:35)
  • Aspirin and Heparin and patients with hemmorhagic issues (50:44)
  • Dr. Casar and Dr. Escobar Jr discuss child abuse and screening guid lines (52:06)

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