IFMSS 2019: Translational Research & Clinical Trials

March 04, 2020
Dr. Beth Rymeski (Fetal Surgeon) and Dr. Rae Hanke (Pediatric Surgical Education Fellow) from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital bring you highlights from the 2019 International Fetal Medicine and Surgical Society (IFMSS) meeting. Part I includes interviews focusing on translational research and clinical trials.

Special guests include:
  • Ueli Moehrlen, MD, Pediatric Surgeon at University Children’s Hospital Zurich, Switzerland
  • Benjamin Amberg, MD/PHD student at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
  • Barbara Coons, MD, recent Research Fellow at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and General Surgery Resident at Columbia-Presbyterian, New York, USA
  • David Stitelman, MD, Pediatric Surgeon at Yale University, Connecticut, USA
  • Adele Ricciardi, MD/PhD student at Yale University, Connecticut, USA
  • Anna David, MD, Obstetrician and Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist and Director of the Institute of Women’s Health at the University College London Hospital, UK
  • Eric Jelin, MD, Pediatric Surgeon and Fetal Program Director at John’s Hopkins Children’s Center, Maryland, USA

IFMSS facilitates international collaboration, networking and exchange of ideas, with the goal of advancing the field of fetal diagnosis and therapy.


  • Introduction and Welcome from Dr. Ueli Moehrlen (00:00)
  • Benjamin Amberg: placental gas exchange during amniotic carbon dioxide insufflation (00:51)
  • Dr. Barbara Coons: effects of CO2 insufflation on fetus using EXTEND system (02:50)
  • Drs David Stitelman & Adele Ricciardi: Correction of genetic mutations in Cystic Fibrosis using nanoparticle technology (05:23)
  • Dr. Anna David: in-utero stem cell transplant for osteogenesis imperfecta—a clinical trial (09:31)
  • Dr. Eric Jelin: Renal Anhydramnios Fetal Therapy (RAFT) trial (11:07)

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