Pediatric Surgery

Mesenteric and Omental Cysts

May 01, 2020
Dr. Meera Kotagal, Pediatric Surgeon at Cincinnati Children’s, joins Dr. Rae Hanke to review the basics of mesenteric and omental cysts in this videocast.


  • Introduction (00:00)
  • What is a mesenteric cyst and where do they come from? (00:20)
  • Where do you most commonly find mesenteric cysts? (00:56)
  • How would a mesenteric cyst typically present? (01:36)
  • What is the work up for an asymptomatic abdominal mass and distension? (02:20)
  • What else should be on our differential diagnoses? (03:27)
  • How do you manage a symptomatic mesenteric cyst? (04:20)
  • Do mesenteric cysts always look the same? (06:36)
  • What are the most common post-operative complications? (07:26)
  • What type of follow up do these children need? (08:09)
  • Omental and mesenteric cyst clinical pearls. (08:39)

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