Pediatric Surgery

Wilms Tumor

May 01, 2020
Dr. Andrew Davidoff, chairman of surgery at St. Jude Children's, joins Dr. Rae Hanke to review the essentials of Wilms tumor in this videocast.


  • Introdcution (00:00)
  • What is Wilms Tumor? (00:21)
  • How does Wilms typically present? (01:11)
  • If a patient presents with an abdominal mass and you Suspect Wilms what's a typical workup? (01:41)
  • How do you stage a patient with Wilms Tumor? (03:02)
  • What would you do for a four year old with a Unilateral Wilms Tumor? (04:17)
  • What if that four year old had Bilateral Wilms Tumors what would you do then? (06:49)
  • Back to Unilateral Wilms Tumor. Now with intravascular extension. How do you manage this patient? (08:44)
  • What if our initial four year old with a Unilateral Wilms Tumor had a metastasis at the initial evaluation? (10:08)
  • Clinical Pearls (11:36)

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